My world works in binary. Beep beep. I know how it goes.

Beep beep.


You and I, we began to walk the road today. As magenta leaked into the sky. Quite the perfect picture, and everyone says it. I gird my senses. I am beneath the gaze of nature, the judge of all. One more look and then you leave. The imprint left on me must be showing on my face as I walk the jetty. Not 5 minutes and a prayer out from port, the trip takes a turn. Perhaps there is no telling where the frothy seas will take our boats two. But. We would not complain if they bobbed along together for a little while yet. A little while you understand. In my own mind I quietly agree with myself. My head is bowed as the wind shrieks. An old robot sailor like me knows how to hunker down through the storm.

But now it’s night. The vertical pillar of hail extends to the stars. The ocean below is an inky well of death. I am far overboard, floundering in a sea of bits and bytes. Binary can’t cut it now. Eventually I sink in to a world without worry. Time runs into the distance. The world flows with merry flushes of orange and yellow. The dullness of the senses becomes sweet relief. In my deluded state I am reclined in a desert island sunset, irresistible with those rosy features as I cogitate and chew over each phrase. I croak, spitting out the bitter sea spray. And pause before opening my eyes.


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